Valentine´s Day 2017

Good Morning,

Last week we celebrated Valentine´s day. My post is a bit late, I know, I was hesitating to write about it.  For me Valentine´s day is just a normal day. No need for fancy dinner, flower, all the commercial stuff or posted ten thousands pictures on social media to show my love to my husband. Valentine´s day became a commercial thing and it kind of break my heart to see a beautiful day like this ended only with material things.

I am a hopeless romantic, it is one of my weakest point. Love always got me into trouble. Always felt for the wrong guy in the past. Now I am married and I have two children. My husband is not an easy person, I get used to him with years. We are still going strong, and I am happy to have him in my life. Like every couple we have our rainy and bright days.

When I was a teenager I always dreamed valentine´s day to be so romantic, like in the pictures, the lady with the nice dress going to the restaurant eating some expensive food, drinking champagne, looking at each other in the eye, talking about sweet little things to each other and after you left the restaurant, raindrops to make it more romantic , and it end up with a kiss. You go home in each other arms.

In my case nowadays it will be, me wearing a nice dress, going to the a nice restaurant  eating some nice food probably steak or mixed grilled, a nice wine and talk about the kids, mostly our planning of the week, and with a bit of bad luck we will start disagreeing the way we are raising our children. Yeah my husband and I we have different way of educating our kids or talking about relationship. You can guess, there will be no looking at each other in the eye, probably yes.. me, looking at him straight in the eye and killing him 20 times in my head, but I still love him, no need to worry. Pay the bill, and hope it will not rain, because I have curly hair, In case my hair get water it will become curly instantly and I will look like a poodle with half straight and half curly hair and 100% sure my make up will be disaster and definitely no kiss.. it will be more running quick to the car. Let´s pray there will be no rain. Go home, and say to each other it was nice, belly full, and go to bed having sex or make love, all depend on the mood of course.

The next day it will be, yep valentines´s day was nice.

Don´t get me wrong, I know lots of people have the perfect valentine´s day, I am sure of it. I believe. It is not for me, I am just a normal person, a normal housewife mother of two beautiful royal babies. Lots of you will find sad to end up like that, I can’t changed nothing about it, so do not judged me. It is just my story, that´s it.

But I hope one day I will have the perfect valentine´s day I always dream of.




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